Coyote Blood


Damn that godforsaken Kraken. Its bloody tentacles have begun wrapping my ship and soon will crush it to splinters, stuffing its putrid Kraken mouth with cargo, the crew, and I along with it. There is nothing left but a long nap in Davy Jones’ locker. My only consolation is that the Kraken swallow some oblong piece of this cursed ship and choke to death 20,000 leagues beneath. I uncork the rum and take a pull. The stub where my pegleg extends is aching. The black sea is churning, violent and cold. 

SO, pretty much everything these guys and gals produce is awesome. The Kraken Rum Store extends that incredible attention to detail and storytelling finesse into another realm that makes me wish I wrote that and/or worked there. I also get a pretty huge designboner because it’s just cool. Oh and the rum isn’t half bad either.

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Your Moment Of Unabashed Whimsy of the Day: Pixar’s Studio Ghibli-inspired 3D Zoetrope is a thing of beauty.


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